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WordPress Marketing Plugin is an amazing marketing tool which will help promote any product or service you’re offering and also helps your blog look good. It’s a new powerful way of bringing your offer in front of your visitors efficiently yet discretely and unobtrusively. It’s the ultimate promotional tool for your WP blog. WORDPRESS MARKETING/TOOLBAR PLUGIN MAIN FEATURES: *Easily Promote any product or service *Add photos, description, call to action for each product or service *Create unlimited Marketing bars and place them at the top or bottom of your blog *Target toolbar based on category, post or page *Add an autoresponder code for collecting email addresses *Change toolbar background to any color you wish

ATTENTION Affiliates, Bloggers, Product Promoters, Service Providers and List builders!

You’ve probably heard about various plugins that add a slider to the bottom of your WordPress blogs to capture emails, increase Twitter followers, RSS subscribers, etc. These plugins are very popular, because they have been proven to convert more visitors to buyers or subscribers. Well, we really loved the idea but we thought something was missing and that it could be improved – so we came out with  Toolbar plugin.


You can finally increase sales, opt-ins and subscribers effortlessly!

Toolbar Plugin Features

  • Instantly Bring Your Offer in Front Your Visitors
  • Add Product Title
  • Add Product Price
  • Add Product Description
  • Add Product Call To Action
  • Add Product Image
  • Add Product (Affiliate) Link
  • Easily Change Toolbar Color
  • Category Targeting – Target Only Visitors who visit a specific category
  • Page Targeting – Target Only Visitors who visit a specific page
  • Post Targeting – Target Only Visitors who visit a specific post
  • Copy and Paste Your Autoresponder Code to Promote Your Offers
  • Pause the Toolbar /Product Promotion Campaign Anytime you Want
  • Set the Toolbar Position on Top or Bottom of Your Pages
  • Toolbar stays on top or bottom when scrolling the page up or down
  • A must have for promoting products or Services
  • Enable Expand/Contract Mode; Select whether you want to enable/disable auto expand/contract toolbar. It can be used to get the users attention a selected amount of time after the page loads.
  • Time to Start Auto Expand/Contract; Enter the time in seconds between the time the page loads and expand/contract feature starts up.
  • Expand/Contract delay time; Enter the duration in seconds from the time the toolbar expands to when it contracts.
  • Number of times to Auto Expand/Contract; Enter the number of times the toolbar should expand/contract (will revert back to normal operation after).
  • Display Close Button; Select whether you like to show or hide close button on toolbar.
  • Display Powered By Text; Select whether you like to show or hide the powered by text.
  • Clicks and Views; The Clicks and Views section that can be found in the manage page show the number of clicks and views for TODAY, YESTERDAY, THIS WEEK, THIS MONTH, and also the TOTAL clicks and views.